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Moscow Academy of Business in Association with the Government of Moscow was established for teaching and training specialists of a new generation. More than 90% of teaching staff have the degrees of Candidate Nauk (equivalent to PhD) and Doctor. The professors do their best to give the students deep knowledge in various fields.а Advantagesа of study in the Academy include multilevel system of education (college, baccalaureate, postgraduate study) state university diploma, employment assistance, reasonable cost of education, comfortable conditions for studying, modern equipment, free internet access, library, medical care, good canteen. Moscow Academy of Business has its main university in Moscow, and 9 branches in Barnaul,а Blagoveschensk, Rostov-na-Donu, Surgut, Yaroslavl, Murmansk, Tula, Kazan, and Perm. Blagoveschensk Branch is the one at the Russian Far East.а Recently there are about 800 students enrolled in full study and 3100 students are on extramural departments in Blagoveschensk Branch of MAB.


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Summary about Office of International Affairs

Office of International Affairs was organized in September 2010. Our main goal is to establish and implement international co-operation with foreign universities. Forms of work including international workshops, conferences, project work, exchange programs for students and teachers, language and business internships for students and teachers, preparation work on participating Russian students in international events, facilitation in applying for educational grants and fellowships, consulting work on international programs and projects for students and teachers.

Work of the Office of International Affairs began from co-operation with Chinese universities. For instance,а have some contacts and agreements with Heihe University (Heihe city, Heilongjiang Province, China). We plan to establish international programs with universities in USA, Canada, Finland, Czech Republic.

First meeting we organized with Elena Vereikina, coordinator of The Education USA program. There were some aspects of study of Russian students in American universities considered on this meeting,а special attention was devoted to fellowship programs.

The discussion УCrossroad of CulturesФ was organized in Blagoveschensk Branch of Moscow Academy of Business on November 29. Russian and Chinese students participated in considering such aspects as pre-requisites and factors of intercultural communications between Russia and China, different and common traditions and cultural issues.

In December of 2010, delegation of Heihe University visited Moscow and met with director and president of MAB.а There were certain agreements about future plan of co-operation achieved.а International Offices of Moscow unit and Blagoveschensk Branch of MAB facilitated on this meeting.а

We are looking for co-operation with universities in organizing exchange programs and international events.а





Sergey V. Feoktistov,

Director of the Office of

International Affairs,а

Ul. Lenina, 27, room 506,

Moscow Academy of Business,

Blagoveschensk Branch,

Blagoveschensk city, Amurskaya region, 675000, Russian Federation

Phone: (7-4162) 20-45-63

Fax: (7-4162) 20-45-61

E-mail: sv.feoktistov@gmail.comааа



Fields of specializationа - Blagoveschensk Branch of Moscow Academy of Business

Financial services and audit

World Economy

Management of organization


Commerce, trading business

Applied informational technologies



Study at Blagoveschensk Branch of Moscow Academy of Business would give you some valuable knowledge about new aspects of economics and business, especially their features in Russia, some skills in Russian language, and big cultural experience of the country that is quiet different from all entire world. аUnique nature of the Russian Far East will be sufficient issue in experiencing Russia. We propose internships in Blagoveschensk branch - participating in presentations andа international projects, and study - possibly two courses in English and other courses in Russian.а For additional information about study and internships, please contact us.

For information about possible expenses in Russia, please click here

Internships in Blagoveschensk Branch of Moscow Academy of Business are opportunities for students who work on their thesis and course works, and who are interesting in short-term study programs. Programs of internships аааа

Optionally we propose cultural program during your study or internship, such as visiting Russian families, field trips to the most beautiful natural sites, meeting interesting people (teachers, leaders of environmental and social non-governmental organizations, handicrafts makers, musicians, cold water swimmers etc.)





We are always very welcome students and teachers from different countries to our events!

If you would like to get a program of any event and participate in it, please contact us at аSergey V. Feoktistov


Plan of eventsа


Publication of brochure for Russian and Chinese tourists with recommendations, useful information about Amurskaya region (Russian Far East) and Heilongjiang Province (China) - 2011

Workshop УLogistics and International Economic ActivityФа - Mar 22, 2011, Blagoveschensk Branch of MAB

Concert УSoul TrailsФ Ц Dec 2011, Blagoveschensk Department of MAB

Discussion УTwo countries Ц two systems: University Education in Russia and ChinaФ -а 2011, Blagoveschensk Branch of MAB, tourist base

Workshop УDevelopment of border tradeФ Ца Mar,а 2012, Blagoveschensk Branch of MAB

International Conference УEconomics and Entrepreneurship on trans-border territory УChina Ц Russian Far EastФ Ц November 2012,а Blagoveschensk Branch of MAB

Workshop УInternational Tourism: problems and perspectives of developmentФ -а March 2013, Blagoveschensk Branch of MAB






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